"We give our children and our students the same advice for happy living:

This includes being NICE to the environment. We must all find ways to do our part to take care of our beautiful planet Earth. We hope you enjoy these free educational resources."

why it matters


  • Using SOLAR energy keeps our air cleaner.
  • Using SOLAR energy helps our planet stay cooler.
  • SOLAR energy creates JOBS in our hometowns right here in the USA.
  • SOLAR energy jobs generate money for our towns and schools.
  • SOLAR energy is something we can never run out of because the SUN is always there to deliver a new supply each day.


Learning how to preserve our planet for tomorrow

This website was created by two teachers who LOVE kids: Scott and Tracy Snowman
(Yes, that really is their last name.)
Scott and Tracy have been teaching for a very long time (for over 60 years combined). They also have two grown-up children of their own: Taylor and Jake. They built this site so that kids of all ages could learn more about GREEN energy and have FUN doing it.

It all started when a man named Bill Dodds called his friends, Tracy and Scott Snowman, with an idea. Bill is a father and grandfather who loves kids and thought it would be a wonderful thing if young people could learn and interact with SOLAR technology. Bill is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of Spoon River Electric Cooperative in Canton, IL., a member-owned rural utility company that supplies electric to thousands of homes and businesses.  Bill loves being outside and he is a very hard worker. Bill is one of the men who actually helped build the Spoon River Solar Farm Learning Center from the ground up.

Starting in February 2015 Bill has been working with Prairie Power, Inc., to find funds to build this unique interactive site. The folks at Azimuth Energy pitched in and donated the solar panels at the learning center. Other groups donated money to help with the project such as CoBank, NRCO (National Renewables Cooperative Organization), CFC (National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation) and Snowman Studios Inc..

Free Educational Resources

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